Bespoke for Kate

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Pockets with Posies dolls are handmade in my home studio. They are made with high quality materials and the greatest attention to detail. Each piece is meticulously designed with beauty and durability in mind.

Doll 1: Odette - Hot Pink Hair/Medium
Two piece outfit - Short Sleeve Peasant Shirt in 10003/Dolphin Shorts in 10026 T-Straps Eternal Sunshine Headband

Doll 2: Gia - lavender Purple hair/Dark skin tone
Two piece outfit - Tie-Front Shirt in 20029 /Dolphin Shorts in 10001
T-Straps Mint Leaf Knotted Head Wrap

♥ 100% cotton body
♥ Hand embroidered facial features
♥ Stuffed with poly-fill
♥ Please take any small accessories off this doll before giving it to your child under three. We always recommend supervision while your child is playing with these dolls.
♥ By Purchasing this doll, you acknowledge to having read and agree to our policies.