Q: How do I buy one of your dolls?

A: I have ready to ship (RTS) dolls available several times a month. I will post the date and time that they will be released on Instagram and in my newsletter. They are typically only available here, through my website. 

Q: How do your releases work?

A: All the dolls that will be available in the current release are listed as "Coming Soon" in my shop until release day. This way you have plenty of time to browse the current selection of dolls available and see what strikes your fancy. About 30 minutes prior to release, the site is put into "maintenance mode" so I can mark everything as available and make them all live at once. At the exact time announced, I will make my site live for shoppers to purchase the items they want. 

Q: Do your dolls sell out quickly?

A: Yes, they typically sell out in five minutes or less. 

Q: How big are your dolls? Are they safe for small children?

A: My Posie dolls measure approx. 17". They are completely handmade with quality materials. I double stitch the seams for the arms and legs and hand embroider the faces. I always recommend adult supervision with young children and never suggest leaving these dolls in a crib alone with your child.

Q: Do you make custom dolls to look like my daughter/son?

A: Yes! I love making dolls that look like your child! In order to have one made to your specifications, you will need to be put on my custom wait list (which is currently about a 24 month wait). When I get to you on my list, I will email you to get the details of the doll you want. After you let me know what you're thinking for your doll, I will create a Bespoke listing for you to purchase. If I don't hear back from you within one week of my initial email, you will be skipped and the next person on the list will be contacted. If you would like to defer your spot for a month or two, just let me know and I would be happy to email you again in the next months batch of customs.  

Q: How do you recommend cleaning your dolls?

A: Spot clean or hand wash only. For tougher stains, try taking a tiny amount of clear Dawn dish soap, watered down, and a clean white wash cloth and spot cleaning. 

Q: What types of payment methods do you accept?

A: I only accept PayPal at this time. 

Q: Do you combine shipping?

A: Yes! If you purchase all of the items you would like at the same time, my shipping calculator will automatically combine shipping for you. If you buy them all individually, I can not combine shipping, I'm sorry. 

Q: Why is my doll's tag clipped?

A: If your doll was purchased as a seconds sale, you may notice that tag on your doll was clipped. This is in an effort to show future potential owners (should you decide to resell your doll) that it was purchase with a defect of some kind. The quality of my products is very important to me. But I know that some customers don't mind a little imperfection here or there, especially if they can get it at a discount. So I continue to allow them to be purchased, at a discount that reflects the imperfection, but I clip the tags.